Since I was seven years old I've always had something going on with music and I am thankful for have been given the gifts I have. I don't take them lightly any more than I take a moment in time. For over five decades I have worked as a professional entertainer-artist and songwriter. A long time ago I was introduced to the Art of recording music and of course back then it was all on recording tape. Today, I own and operate an independent studio with my primary format in Avid's Pro Tools but I also own the latest Harrison Mixbus and Sonor / Cakewalk. At this writing I am presently engaged in completing my next CD / USB release of all original music. The pandemic has set every artist and person in related fields back several painful steps with nowhere to perform, concerts being cancelled and total fear everywhere. So musicians like myself ( millions of us ) haven't been able to work but I haven't let that stop me. Thank God ( and I really do ) I have engineering and producing to keep me busy and learning all the time.  I was first introduced into Pro Tools about 15 years back at a studio in Las Vegas Nevada where two of my songs had been selected to be on a popular modern Country album called " Stand Up For Truckers " . The first glimpse I had at the monitor screen and I was seeing the engineer take a Bass Drum note and replace it with a completely different sample and, also altering the exact time of the event meaning moving the note ahead or behind in the pattern with the drag-click of the mouse - I was hooked for good!  Having been working with my own Digital Audio hard-drive recorders for ten years prior I just knew that someday I would have to invest the time and money to learn this fascinating medium for producing music. I am now heading into my seventh year with the Pro Tools DAW. 


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