coming this spring!

This is an update on the new record I have been blogging here about.  One of the songs chosen was written by my near lifetime friend James Jimmy Gass about ten years ago. I liked it back then and it has continued to grow on me so I asked Jimmy if he'd mind if I write a new arrangement and produce, sing the song myself. With his blessing I have been working on this song that I believe is exceptional for the Adult Contemporary radio market. I believe in it so much I promise it's Grammy bound!  Now there's millions of writers and billions of songs and every one of the writers believes they have the big hit Well, so do I but I plan on being at the Grammy's one evening with my old pal and music making buddy when they give him the award. It will likely be heard by a major publisher and they will connect with a label with an artist who will be perfect for the song .  I can't wait for you to hear " Easy Day " by James E Gass Jr and all the rest of the album very soon!


I began work on this new album way before covid changed the world and, that's not an excuse but a truth. John  Lennon once said something to the fact that life was what we do when we're busy making other plans. Who hasn't been there?
During the Pandemic I was able to lock myself in my studio-office for months and study, learn more about engineering and working with all the fabulous software I have for making good records.  Now in my ninth year working with Avid " Pro Tools " I'm starting to be more comfortable flying this amazing star-ship! I can't wait to make new friends and fans all over the world with this new record which is my best work ever. 
Bruce J Maier