THE BRUCE MAIER BAND has been a professional performance and touring entity since 1978 and has included many members over the years, each who has added their special energy and talent to the show itself. Before the covid pandemic a new subdivision of the group was created which would focus more on the " Americana-Roots " styles and abilities of Bruce's presentation. Oftentimes Bruce has performed in more acoustic shows and environments where electric guitars, full drums and synths were not part of the presentation and since the group was capable of more than one type of performance a new scaled down group called " The Healers " concept was created.

The Bruce Maier Band  has the flexibility to do a complete 90 minute all original show, Blues or a mix of Classic Rock or any combination of the multi-genres a buyer would require for their event

Now that things appear to be getting back to some sort of normal and venues are opening to full capacity the Bruce Maier Band is ready to book engagements.

Bruce Maier Band on REVERB NATION with lots of music samples click here