This morning while early surfing YouTube I found a new video of the first show of the Rolling Stones thirteen city tour filmed in St Louis. Above the stage were two giant screens displaying video clips and still shots of Charlie Watts and, like thousands of others who have seen them the images brought a few tears to my eyes. Losing Watts is like losing part of my own childhood and it seems I’m never ready when part of it erodes away. The music of the Rolling Stones like that of The Beatles never came and went. It’s still here. Just don’t blink. 

After the concert’s second song was complete icon and writer-guitarist supreme Keith Richards walked forward and held hands with Mick Jagger as they reflected for a few moments on life without their brother Charlie. “This is the first time ever we’ve been out anywhere without him “Jagger would lament. The band first played St Louis in 1966 when they came to North America to travel the Delta trails and hang with the likes of Muddy Waters on their pursuit of understanding Blues music and it’s influence on our culture. They returned to London infused with knowledge and new raw spirit to stir into their favorite recipes later served back to the hungry for music waiting world. 

If you’re a true fan of the band you may think they sound great or maybe you will never accept that Charlie Watts is gone and Steve Jordan, a long-time student and friend of Watts has come to replace him. Of course no one can replace anyone, certainly an iconic Rock Star but then Jordan isn’t trying to be Charlie. Steve Jordan has played in Keith Richards’ own band the X-Pensive Winos for a long time and is in high demand as a top drummer in the recording and touring world. Big shoes to fill indeed. 

At about midpoint in the concert something magical begins to happen when Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Bassist Darryl Jones (on board with the Stones since 93) approach Jordan’s immediate space and begin to Jam as all great energies are finally released into a cosmic meld of musical love and attitude! And, I knew right then the Rolling Stones are back. In fact, they’ve never really left. We just blinked. 

BJM ….